Run a Stall

The WellyTech 2019 event is in full planning mode with a team of amazing volunteers ensuring that we grow on the success of last year, and have an event we can all be proud of.

We have available 40 FREE spaces/booths/stalls to be transformed by you to show off, gain new members, and generally have "Fun Fair / Carnival" fun!

If you run a meetup, are you a band of merry people clustered around a technology, do you have a Slack channel to discuss ways of making the computers do what they do, maybe you're a SIG for a particular vendor, or you might be a Wellington company, a government agency, a start-up, a stay-up, or even a been-up-for-years - ALL OF YOU are welcome to play your part of Wellington's premier end of year event, #WellyTech.