Everything Access Granted does is never done alone and the massive undertaking of the annual #WellyTech event wouldn't be possible without the fantastic support from the following partners - we thank those involved and love you all.

Stats NZ

They have been with us since the beginning and we thank them for their on-going support and for their 3 year commitment to the event. As supporters of the tech / data community they really have stepped up and make a difference.

Talent Army

Troy and the team of passionate and experienced people at Talent Army are not just community focused, but give no fucks who knows about it. It's a pleasure to have Talent Army joining the select 2019 partners, we know they bring an attitude we love.


Each year we work alongside partners to bring Wellington's premiere end of year tech event to fruition ... and we have spaces open for you.

Past partners, and we love them all, were