Join In

#WellyTech has never been just an event to turn up to - the more you put in the more you get out.

1: ATTENDEES nominate for the WellyTech Awards Finale

Once you have got your FREE ticket then nominate up to 5 people in the inaugural WTAF - it's very simple

2: WELLINGTON TECH brings the fun

Each annual event has a different theme, but without the Wellington community pitching in it can be an empty, slightly boring networking event - it's everyone that bringing their creativity, fun, energy, that makes the event something to behold.

3: SPONSORS help pay for some of it

Whilst the Partners provide a solid base for the event to stand upon there are always opportunities for organisations to raise their profile by sponsoring specific items - maybe you'd like to name an award, be the company that is loved by all by providing for the photo booth, paying for an award, or even covering the costs of printing all the name tags ...

4: THE COMMUNITY help with the logistics

It takes the energy of people to make the event, and there can be a lot to do. Without those awesome people from Summer of Tech, Open Data, Empire Films, and many other organisations the event would be a handful - if you just want to learn about running an event, we're here for you.

5: PARTNERS help design the event

If you're keen to get hands deep into the design of the annual event then we welcome Partners to stand next to us who can bring their creativity and resources.