Run a Stall

The #WellyTech 2019 event is in full planning mode with the team ensuring that we grow on the success of last year, and have an event we can all be proud of.

We have available 30 FREE spaces/booths/stalls to be transformed by you to show off, gain new members, and generally have "School Fair" fun!

If you run a meetup, are you a band of merry people clustered around a technology, do you have a Slack channel to discuss ways of making the computers do what they do, maybe you're a SIG for a particular vendor, or you might be a Wellington company, a government agency, a start-up, a stay-up, or even a been-up-for-years - ALL OF YOU are welcome to play your part of Wellington's premier end of year event, #WellyTech.

Stall Holder Tickets

As with all past annual #WellyTech events everyone has to have a named ticket - this year it costs $20 (“What?”, read why). Whilst we are looking to cover this cost for all stall holders as you read this everyone will need to buy a ticket and we’ll be in touch as soon as this changes.