What you will experience

Just to clarify, #WellyTech is NOT a conference, it is NOT a networking event, it is NOT a workshop, it is NOT an expo, it is NOT an awards evening. Elements of those plus a carnival, plus comedy, plus music.

If anything it's Wellington's Tech Glastonbury.

Welcome to the Fun Fair / Carnival (4pm-6:30pm)

Over 40 amazing and creative tech organisations will be running stalls in the grand WellyTech Carnival - roll up, roll up for the finest of fun, all free and produced by the Wellington tech community.

Amongst the stalls get your carnival photo taken at The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, grab a bite to eat, watch out for the Improv Players or Outpost 42 of the 501st Legion, and make sure you meet as many new people a possible.

Eat, drink, and be merry (4pm-6:45pm)

There will be food stalls fitting in with the carnival theme placed around the venue producing non-stop food - think hot-dogs, corn-dogs, candyfloss and the like. There won't be masses of choice, but what there will enough for everybody to get something. Please note: the food stalls will open at 4:30pm, after the official opening.

On entry into the event everyone will be given a voucher covering the cost of your first drink - that's on the Stadium, thank you!

We will be operating a cash bar (cash & EFTPOS), but please remember this is not a hard out drinking event AND that we have a strict Code of Conduct. The bar will be open from 4pm-6:45pm ... keep an ear open for a post-event venue if that's what you're into.

See the painting come alive, use VR to get fit, experience live music, or just walk around Egyptian tombs in amazing detail ... we have it all for you.

We are proud to give space to a current Mahuki 2018 cohort member, Fishhook, who will be bringing their hands-on fun science games for adults - let's get playing and learning!

Sit and get some quiet

All around the Member's Lounge are seats facing away from the hullaballoo of the fun fair, looking down onto the field and the quiet of the empty stadium. We will be placing a number of barriers along this area to dampen down the sound and ensure that this area is a quiet, reflective space.

The Access Granted 'Big Top' (4pm-6:55pm)

On the Big Top stage we bring you music, comedy, speeches, and the WellyTech Awards Finale (WTAF).

Full schedule is available ,,.,

The fine folks from GFD are gonna be along with a taste of what the real thing is like and watch a handful of Wellington podcasters do their thing as they record their podcasts in Studio 2!