#WellyTech 2018

Friday 30th November, 3:30pm - 7pm

Westpac Stadium, Wellington


For ALL of Wellington tech, from the Minister up to those that actually make the computers do what they do - let's get together, celebrate 2018 and look forward to 2019


  • Date: Friday 30th November, 2018
  • Venue: Westpac Stadium, Wellington
  • Registration opens: 3:30pm
  • Event starts: 4pm
  • Official opening: 4:30pm
  • Event closes: 7pm
  • Bring: $ for bar
  • Food: $0
  • Hashtag: #WellyTech

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Food and Drink

All food will be free - there will be, in keeping with the carnival theme:

  • 750 portions of Hot Chips
  • 1000 portions of Hot dogs
  • 400 Portions of Candy Floss
  • 400 portions of Pop Corn (200 savoury, chilli lime, 200 salted caramel)
  • 750 slices of pizza

Everyone gets a free drink on registration, after that it's a cash/EFTPOS bar.

Kicks off at 6:30pm as we find out who won the 5 awards.

YOU get to chose the winner of the "High Five Award" by placing your event map into the appropriate bucket (near the Access Granted Big Top) - vote early!

Yes, there is one and we will be ensuring everyone plays by it - in essence, "Don't be an arsehole!"

And remember this event is NOT a hard out drinking event so please manage your intake.

There will be photos and video taken during the event.

We encourage you to give generously to our charity partner with either cash or using the Givahoy app [Android | iOS] as well as go wild at their auction (6pm)

#WellyTech is NOT a conference, it is NOT a networking event, it is NOT a workshop, it is NOT an expo, it is NOT an awards evening. Elements of those plus a carnival, plus comedy, plus music. If anything it's Wellington's Tech Glastonbury.

Also watch out for The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, the Improv Players, Outpost 42, get some peace to reflect in the designated quiet zones, and remember - meet people.

Look after yourself

For even the most extroverted of people it can be an overwhelming experience and we encourage everyone to look after themselves and those around them.

All of the seats facing into the field will be for quiet chats, time to take a breath and a little quieter than the rest of the venue,

We would also point you to the following posts that give practical guidance to how to get the best out of the event whilst not crashing and burning

Your challenge

By coming to the event you HAVE TO say thank you to at representatives from at least 5 of these organisations - without them there would be no event, and that would be sad.