VR / AR Arena


Spaces are open - power plugs are not so unlimited so please get in touch if you'd like to show off your AR/VR goodness.

The VR/AR Arena, near the Games Corner, will be open from 4pm-6:30pm

Entry will be declined to anyone holding drink or food - if you look even slightly tipsy this is NOT for you and you will be refused entry ... don't argue, just accept it and move on.


Swibo is committed to taking the tedium out of life and adding fun wherever possible. Rehabilitation is an essential part of life for everyone and we build technologies to make that part a positive and effective experience.

Swibo was founded in 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand and continues to be operated by four original co-founders.


Vaka Interactiv

At Vaka Interactiv we live in the future of cultural storytelling tech. For us it’s all about deep impact and high engagement - creating tech products that enable people to gain sight into a culture other than their own.

Culture Lens is the worlds first cultural storytelling portrait that allows people to engage with the storytellers themselves. Its magic, art, culture and tech all rolled into one. We are excited to share Culture Lens with the world and look forward to working with organisations all over the globe to bring culture to life.


Reality Virtual

We have streamlined our ultra-realistic photogrammetry to virtual reality pipeline into an art. As a result we can effectively encapsulate reality in all of its visual nuance, creating nothing short of a ‘being there’ sensation for real-time VR applications.

Come see Nefertari: Journey to Eternity