Comedy with Corin Healy

Corin Healy is a comedian regularly performing on the NZ comedy scene. After his first taste of improvised comedy 12 years ago, Corin has continued to develop his skills as a versatile comedian, performing at corporate events, improv, fundraisers, quiz nights and comedy clubs. Corin’s career experience has spanned both technology and comedy, one to keep the lights on and one to figure out how many IT people it takes to screw in the light bulb.

He wrote his first ever stand up comedy set in 2012, only waiting five years to take the plunge and book in his first set at an open mic night at the Classic. He bravely shared this gig on social media and hasn’t looked back since. He is also the founder of a Comedy Dojo for comedians in Auckland to workshop and develop comedic routines.

Corin now finds himself working between delivering projects for various contract clients by day and regular comedy gigs by night. He’s thrilled to be performing at #WellyTech, as it’s an opportunity to combine his experience in IT with his passion for comedy and entertaining people.

Best of all Corin has learned to laugh at himself, and hope you will too.