2018, the year we finally nailed the "celebration" side of the event. 1,500 registrations, over 40+ organisations of all sizes involved (see below), a full stage set, music, comedy, speakers, MCs, and a loads of carnivals stalls ... it was huge. Oh, and Stormtroopers, and photo booths and ... well, too much to list. OH! And the inaugural WTAF Awards ...

Amazing and creative tech organisations will be running stalls in the grand WellyTech Carnival amongst which you can get your carnival photo taken at The Amazing Travelling Photobooth, grab a bite to eat, watch out for the Improv Players or Outpost 42, and make sure you meet as many new people a possible.

There will be food stalls fitting in with the carnival theme with non-stop food - think hot-dogs, corn-dogs, candyfloss and the like. On entry everyone gets a free drink - that's on the Stadium - and we will be operating a 'cash bar'.

Visit the AR/VR Arena, play in the Games Corner, or just sit and get some peace to reflect in the designated quiet zones.

Finally on the Access Granted 'Big Top' stage we bring you music, comedy, speeches, and the WellyTech Awards Finale.

#WellyTech is NOT a conference, it is NOT a networking event, it is NOT a workshop, it is NOT an expo, it is NOT an awards evening. Elements of those plus a carnival, plus comedy, plus music. If anything it's Wellington's Tech Glastonbury.

The winners were:

Thank you to all the finalists, all those that nominated, and we are proud of each and everyone involved!

On the Big Top stage we bring you music, comedy, speeches, and the WellyTech Awards Finale (WTAF)

All speakers will be on the stage in the Access Granted Big Top, check out the full schedule including comedy, music, and WTAF.

Corin Healy is a comedian regularly performing on the NZ comedy scene. After his first taste of improvised comedy 12 years ago, Corin has continued to develop his skills as a versatile comedian, performing at corporate events, improv, fundraisers, quiz nights and comedy clubs. Corin’s career experience has spanned both technology and comedy, one to keep the lights on and one to figure out how many IT people it takes to screw in the light bulb.

Rory is a 17-year old singer/songwriter, ready to play some acoustic renditions of rock/metal tracks, as well as some originals from his band 'Lucifer Gunne' which he will be play unplugged for the first time ever!

Entry will be declined to anyone holding drink or food - if you look even slightly tipsy this is NOT for you and you will be refused entry ... don't argue, just accept it and move

We are proud to give space to a current Mahuki 2018 cohort member, Fishhook, who will be bringing their hands-on fun science games for adults - let's get playing and learning! And, get amongst it with Gamefroot.

The fine folks from GFD are gonna be along with a mini-bar, a taste of what the real thing is like. If you're into hanging out with like-minded people, great beer, and being amongst the most photogenic place in Wellington then this is your teaser.

NOTE: There will be a strict 20 (TWENTY) people allowed inside the min-GFD at any point, no GFD beers can be taken out into the venue!

It's an honour to support the work Neil and his team do - give generously in cash, with Givahoy, or during the auction.