Let us tell you a story, are you sitrting comfortable, then we'll begin ...

2014 - It all started in 2014, the first year of the Access Granted podcast as hosted on HashtagME ... after 6 months or so of chats Mike and Raj thought they'd have an end of year Christmas drinks for all those that had been on the show

2015 - After a successful, if low key start in 2014, we really went for it this time opening it up to everyone, partnering with Mauricio from Geekzone, getting help with activities from Hack Miramar, a wee stage for speakers and Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, and even a band.

2016 - For 2016 we moved the successful 2015 event into BizDojo, extended our invitation to ,any more meetup groups, tech organisations, and #WellyTech focused communities - with approximately 130 people registering and maybe a grand evening of it all.

2017 - The year that #WellyTech went big! In essence it was taking the successful format of 2015 / 16 and transposing it to a much bigger venue. Whilst this approach worked to a degree the team learnt A LOT that needed to be different in the coming years. 1,000 registrations, Ministers, Councillors, and VIP speakers, awards, Xmas parties, and the community being given space to show-and-tell. This was also the year when we had to seriously think about partners to help us not only pay for it but organise it

2018 - the year we finally nailed the "celebration" side of the event. 1,500 registrations, over 40+ organisations of all sizes involved (see below), a full stage set, music, comedy, speakers, MCs, and a loads of carnivals stalls ... it was huge. Oh, and Stormtroopers, and photo booths and ... well, too much to list. OH! And the inaugural WTAF Awards ...

2019 ... the story continues!